Special Valentines Day Date Sheet Ideas, Valentines Week list


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Latest Valentines Day Date Sheet , Ideas, Valentines Week list : In this article we are going to provide the Latest Valentines Day Date Sheet , ideas , schedule, calendar and week list of Valentines day. 7 Days of the festival is known as the Valentines Week. The Valentines week is all about the love, caring between two person (basically a girl and a boy) who love each other.Each and every couple waits for this Valentine week for long.This Valentine day also to be Saint Valentine Day / Feast of Saint ValentineThis day is celebrated to express the love and affection. Each and every love bird wanted to spend the time with each other to show their feelings to each other and to felt that how much special they are for each other. It is also seen that on this week the new pairing being made. In our generation, this is the trend to have a girl friend and a boy friend so for them we are giving the Valentines Day Ideas | Schedule of the valentine day.


Latest Valentines Day Date Sheet |Ideas|Valentines Week list

Valentines Day Date Sheet | Valentines Week list 2017:

  • 7th Feb Rose day
  • 8th Feb Propose day
  • 9th Feb Chocolate day
  • 10th Feb Teddy day
  • 11th Feb Promise day
  • 12th Feb Kiss day
  • 13th Feb Hug day
  • 14th Feb Valentine day
  • 15th Feb Slap day
  • 16th Feb Kick day
  • 17th Feb Perfume day
  • 18th Feb Flirting day
  • 19th Feb Confession day
  • 20th Feb Missing day
  • 21st Feb Love day

Valentines Day Week list

Valentine week is the week where a person can express their love and care toward his / her partner. This is the time when you can show all your sentiments and emotions.Every girl wanted that her partner make her feel so special, she wanted to become a fairy for him.On this week the girl is on the top of the world. Valentines day is celebrated all over the worldwide, celebrated by the youngsters.The boy gifted a teddy bear on teddy day , rose on rose day, chocolate on chocolate day.