{HAPPY} Valentine Day 2019 SMS Wishes Quotes Messages


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Valentine Day 2019 SMS Wishes Quotes Messages: valentine day 2019 will be celebrated on Sunday 14th feb 2019 ,it’s celebrated every year around the word.as the increasing trends of mobile cell phones, people have selected sms /text messages as a medium to send valentine greetings, valentine sms happy valentine’s day sms,valentine’s day 2019 sms, valentine messages, valentine wishes, valentine text greetings, valentines quotes sms . English valentine sms and valentine sms and valentine sms messages are very popular among asian peoples

Happy Valentine Day

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Valentine Day SMS:-

This is the day where all confess their love
A day where you tell that special someone
What they mean to them
So today i will confess to you
how much i have always loved you.
Happy Valentine Day SMS
we began as strangers and then became friends
We started to love each other
And now i want you to know
I will love you forever.
Happy Valentine Day SMS
I m feeling so happy,do u know why?
cuz i m so lucky, do u know how?
cuz he gave me a gift, do u know what? its you my love..!
Happy Valentine Day SMS

Valentine Day Wishes:

may this valentine bless us with the cupid of love and warmth of romance
Happy valentine’s day Honey..!
Happy Valentine Day Wishes
is love secure or not, but i say
the insecurity of losing our love
makes us lose the friend in them
and insecurity of losing the friend
makes you fall in love with them..!
Happy Valentine Day Wishes
Have i told u recently
that i love you
well just in case i didn’t
today i want to say it
over and over and over again
i love you! Happy valentine day
Happy Valentine Day Wishes

Valentine Day Quotes:

love is like a cloud..
love is like a dream..
love is one word and
everything in between..
love is a fairytale come true..
because i found love when i found you..Happy valentine day
Happy Valentine Day Quotes
whenever i miss you
i wont look for you in my dreams
or try to hear your voice in your message
I”ll just put my right hand across my chest n feel you ..!
Happy Valentine Day Quotes
you know why nature
made eyes in pair
ears in pair
hands in pair
legs in pair and
heart single????
just to find its pair….
Happy valentine day!
Happy Valentine Day Quotes

Valentine Day Messages:

my eyes are blind without your eyes to see
like a rose without color
always be there in my life sweetheart..!
Happy Valentine Day Messages
There are 4 steps to happiness
1. you
2. me
3. our hearts
4. eternity!
i love you until my heart stops beating
love you lots….
Happy valentine day
Happy Valentine Day Messages

make sure that in search of a perfect person
you don’t loose a true one
because perfection is fantasy
truth is reality
Happy Valentine Day Messages
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