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Happy Rose Day Beautiful HD Wallpapers 2019 : Rose Day is one of the precious day in the Valentines Week. Rose Day is celebrated as start of the valentines week i.e. 7th of February. These days are fixed according to the peoples feeling that first we can present a rose to our love. Basically rose should be Red for expressing love to your partner. But now-a-days this Rose Day is also celebrated among friends and family giving pink, white, yellow roses according to the feeling and relations they are having.

Different colour of roses have different purpose. Here are the colour of roses and their purpose to make you all easy to decide which colour of roses you are deciding to present to your partner family & friends.

Red Love, Beauty, Courage & Respect
Red (Dark) Unconscious Beauty
Red (Single) “I Love You”
White Purity, Innocence, Silence, Secrecy
White (Bridal) Happy Love
Pink Appreciation, Gratitude “Thank U”
Yellow Joy, Gladness, Friendship, Delight, Promise Of A New Beginning, Welcome Back, Remember Me,  Jealousy,
“I Care”
Yellow With Red Tip Friendship, Falling In Love
Orange Desire, Enthusiasm
Red & White Given Together, These Signify Unity
Red & Yellow Jovial And Happy Feelings
Peach Appreciation, Closing The Deal, Let’s Get Together, Sincerity, Gratitude
Pale Peach Modesty
Coral Desire
Lavender Love At First Sight, Enchantment
Black Death
Blue The Unattainable, The Impossible

Not only the Colour of Roses actually the number of roses you present also have different purposes. Confused? Don’t worry Here We have solutions to this problem also. Check This out:

  • A single rose of any color depicts Pure devotion
  • Two roses entwined together communicate “Marry me”
  • Six Roses signify a need to be loved or cherished
  • Eleven roses assure the recipient they are truly and deeply loved
  • Thirteen roses indicate a secret admirer
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Or, We have fantastic idea for you all. You can present your love with artificial Rose made of paper, crape paper, fabric, plastic etc with sparing lil perfume on it. The fragrances of the perfume will bloom your partner life and the main thing is that the flower you present is immortal and can be preserved for lifelong. So, the wish is yours. You can select any of the ideas We provided to you or you can Simply send him/her these collections of Happy Rose Day Beautiful HD Wallpapers 2019 from below.

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Happy Rose Day Beautiful HD Wallpapers 2019


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